Toy Cam Self Portrait

Toy Cam Self Portrait

I shot this with a 35mm Civica MX-V Toy Cam in my back garden last summer. It has got a focus free 50mm “optical color lens” (whatever that is) and 4 apertures from f:6 to f:16 (approx I would say) linked to funny and clear weather symbols (from totally sunny to totally cloudy). The shutter speed is allegedly 1/125, but is nearer 1/60 I would say.However it is one of the favourite toy cams I have, and I like its simplicity, stress-free handling and its limitless creative potential. I will post some other toy cams images, and cameras from my collection later.


Found Snapshot

Found Snapshot

I have been collecting ‘snapshots,since the early 1970’s. My main source has always been flea markets, car boot sales, charity shops, antique shops, auctions and house clearances. I also find snaps in the street and abandoned buildings. Now I have widened my search to Ebay and other auction sites, Facebook and Flickr. I collect only prints that are smaller than postcard size and negatives from snapshot cameras. There are many surprises in some of the collections I buy. I found this distressed 2×3 N print in a box of 6×9 negatives. These naughty girls date from the 1950s I guess, however it isn’t clear whether this is true snap of four young ladies, or a copy of a pin up magazine photograph. I suspect the latter. Nevertheless it is an interesting find.