Happy Accident

Happy Accident

Whilst I was at the development stage of processing a black & white 35mm film, for some unexplained moment of madness, I unscrewed the lid of the development tank and looked inside. Realising in an instant what I ad done I tried to beat the speed of light in replacing the lid. I didn’t. Now I know that the technique for producing a solarised negative involved exposing a film for a brief period during the development stage. I had tried it many times, with mixed results. This ‘accident’ has produced some really good solarised negatives, much better than any of my previous efforts of planned exposures.


Toy Cam Self Portrait

Toy Cam Self Portrait

I shot this with a 35mm Civica MX-V Toy Cam in my back garden last summer. It has got a focus free 50mm “optical color lens” (whatever that is) and 4 apertures from f:6 to f:16 (approx I would say) linked to funny and clear weather symbols (from totally sunny to totally cloudy). The shutter speed is allegedly 1/125, but is nearer 1/60 I would say.However it is one of the favourite toy cams I have, and I like its simplicity, stress-free handling and its limitless creative potential. I will post some other toy cams images, and cameras from my collection later.